Turku Open 2016

Ahti Lampi was the best in the last tournament of the Finnish 2015-2016 season. 68 players from 8 countries witnessed a tournament in the beautiful setting near the river banks and live streamed in Finnish TV + Fanseat service all around the Europe. As the World Tour moved from Helsinki to Turku after 12 years, we wanted to put our best effort into making the tournament a great experience for everyone.


You can find results for group phase and final groups here

Group Status
Basic Group: Whitestone Finished
Basic Group: Airisto Line Finished
Basic Group: Rajupaja Finished
Basic Group: Marli Finished
-- --
Final Group: Whitestone Finished
Final Group: Airisto Line Finished
1st Division Group: Marli Finished
2nd Division Group: Rajupaja Finished
3rd Division Group: Fanseat Finished
-- --
Playoffs Finished
-- --
Final Standings Finished